Free Precancel Albums, Files, and Software


Free Town and Type Albums for Download

The PSS is pleased to provide comprehensive albums on a state by state basis for all precancel towns and types in the current Town and Type catalog. These albums contain a space for every precancel type from every town, more than 42,000 types in all the albums combined! You will find a downloadable PDF file for each state. There is one space for each type in each town. To distinguish the types, you will need the PSS Town and Type catalog, which you can order from HERE.

Choose one of the following page styles to suit your needs:

Town Name INSIDE Boxes:

Town Name BELOW Boxes:

Notes Regarding the Town & Type Albums:

The more valuable types have progressively darker box borders, depending on the value of the precancel type:

Occasionally there are two or more types from a town, such as Type 841 from Buckland, Alaska, that differ in minor ways, as described in the PSS catalog footnotes. In this case, “a1” in the first 841 means that the distance between town and state is 1 mm, while in the second type the “a1.5” means that the distance is 1.5 mm. Click HERE to see a description of all of the footnotes in the PSS Town & Type catalog.

A few types only come on parcel post stamps, or on other non-standard sized stamps. You will find these boxes have the correct shapes.

The small album for the Territories comes in two flavors, depending on how you sort the town names versus the territory names.

PSS Computer Program for Microsoft Windows for Download

Fully functional database for Microsoft Windows (XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8) including the content of the PSS Town & Type and PSS Bureau catalogs. This software allows you to keep track of your collections and make albums in a variety of formats. Full documentation and example screens are included. This download is restricted to the state of Alabama.

Free Double Line Electro (DLE) Album for Download

Now you can download an album containing spaces for every DLE precanceled stamp known.  Double Line Electro devices were electroplates used to precancel sheets of stamps.  They are a popular sub-category of local precancels which were used at the local post offices.

Double Line Electro Precancel Album: 

Free 1932 Washington-Bicent Album for Download

These pages were created by Mike Gutman and Ralph Kimball to go along with their 1932 Washington Bicentennial Catalog of Denominations on Precancel Stamp Society Recognized Contracted and Local Types catalog.  Every Bicent stamp known with a precancel is included.  Download all of the pages here, or click the link below for individual state pages.  

Free Classic Precancel Albums for Download

Now you can download an album containing spaces for every precanceled stamp issued before 1908.  There are two types of albums available for download via the links below, depending on collecting interest.

  • Classic Precancel Album – Standard : Contains spaces for the 3526 listings in the catalog up to a value of $100. It might be possible for a normal collector to complete this collection! 
  • Classic Precancel Album – Advanced : Contains spaces for all 4602 listings in the catalog including unverified items and world-class rarities.  

Free Printed Dated Type Album for Download

The Precancel Stamp Society (PSS) is pleased to provide another free set of album pages——Printed Dated Precancel Type Album. These pages exactly match The PSS Printed Dated Type Precancel Catalog, 2004 edition, as currently printed and adjusted for changes published in The Precancel Forum.

There is space for a printed dated precancel type from every town. There are spaces for the 635 different items and additional spaces for 7 pages of varieties. It also includes 4 pages with blank spaces for any additional items that you may want to include. The pages have been formatted with an attractive border and offset for hole punching on the left side. A box is shown for each type from each town, and all the types from each town are grouped together.

The official PSS type designations for printed dated controls are shown below the boxes. Inside each box is a image of the dated control or you can obtain the PSS Printed Dated Type Precancel Catalog, which is described at the end of this article and which includes prices and detailed information for each type. We recommend experimenting and only printing several pages just to make sure that your printer is set up correctly.

There are many small differences in the way printers produce a page, and you may want to slightly reduce the pages by perhaps 2% if the page borders are clipped. Similarly, some three-hole punches are overly aggressive and place the holes too close to the left border. So it is worthwhile to experiment a bit.

To distinguish the Printed Dated types and determine the prices, you will need the PSS Printed Dated Type Precancel Catalog, which you can order from PSS Catalogs HERE.

PSS Printed Dated Type Precancel Album (08/2011 Update):   

Free Spreadsheet of Dated Precancel Company Acronyms/Names

As noted in the July 2013 PSS Forum, linked below is an Excel spreadsheet of dated precancel company acronyms/names.  There is duplication as many companies had more than one variation in either the initials, be it font, a space, a period, comma, upper/lower case etc. and of course existed in more than one city.  Hence in the acronym column you will find a trailing 2, 3, 4…  That means a variation of some sort exists for the same company in the same city.  

Requires Free Excel Viewer.


Checklist of Chicago Handstamp Dated Precancels used by Sears (SRC), 1938-1991

As noted in the April 2016 PSS Forum, linked below is a pdf format Checklist for Chicago SRC (Sears) Handstamp Dateds compiled by Jim Hirstein and Carl Moore.  


Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader:  Get Adobe Reader here